Hi. I just wanted to invite anyone who either has or has not sung with our choir. It's truly a highlight in the week for everyone involved. It's a place to go, forget the cares of the world, and just plain have fun!

C'mon out and give us a try!

Judy Keturakis


Basic Annual Membership – $288:

This provides an individual musician with voting membership in the Association ($24) plus fees to help defray the costs of participating in one music group (i.e.: Choir, or Concert Band, or Big Band) for September to April.

Multi-group Annual Participation Fee – $50 per extra group:

This annual Fee is in addition to the Basic Annual Membership, and applies to each additional group that a member may join.  For example; if a musician’s primary group is the Big Band and he/she also wants to be in the Concert Band and the Choir; the additional fee would be $100 for 2 extra groups. (This fee helps to defray the extra cost of sheet music, space, etc.) This applies to those joining the Men of the Mountain and Con Moto choirs.

Special Ensemble Fee – variable:

From time to time smaller ensembles are formed for a shorter term, usually with a different repertoire, for entertaining in smaller venues such as Homes for the Aged, Christmas Carolling, etc.  Charges for these groups will be determined depending on rehearsal time required and revenues generated.

Non-musician Annual Association Membership – $24

This provides an individual with voting membership in the Association and receives all communications to members.  It does not include participation in any musical group.

Men of the Mountains

For those participating in the Men of the Mountain and not paying the basic Annual Musician Fee the fee is $99 (includes the Association Membership of $24)


During the year we hold workshops, often with guest musicians. Supplementary fees for participation are dependent on the cost the program. Fees have generally been in the range of $20 to $50 per workshop.


Bursary assistance may be available upon request. The Bursary Fund is limited. Please indicate a request for financial assistance at the time of registration.

Payments may be by cheque to VWMA, or using a credit card through PayPal linked to this site.

Each Music Director has the authority to limit the size of sections as needed for balanced instrumentation for performances.

Come experience the fun of up to three rehearsals before deciding to join.