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VWMA - Big Band Dance/Fundraiser

Canmore Radisson Hotel

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Singing with the Valley Winds Choir provides a sense of camaraderie and wellbeing, as well as being energizing and fun!

Glenn Matthews

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Rolf Foster-Jorgensen - President

President’s Message

Do you find yourself humming or whistling along to the radio or Smart Phone, or even singing out loud beyond the confines of your shower? Perhaps there’s a dusty instrument packed away just waiting to be heard. Don’t worry, we can help by nurturing whatever musical talents you have for the betterment of our community, and yourself!

The Valley Winds Music Association consists of three community musical groups – a concert band, choir and big band style jazz band. Located in the Canmore and Banff area of the Bow Valley in Alberta, Canada, the groups hold weekly rehearsals and periodic public performances throughout the fall, winter and spring.

We celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2014. Now is the perfect time to get to know us and enjoy… “Neighbours in Harmony with Neighbours, With A Lot to Sing and Play About”!

We welcome you to join us NOW for a fun, relaxed, and rewarding musical experience! Click the JOIN link above to learn how.


Rolf Foster-Jorgensen
VWMA Board President

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