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The Valley Winds Music Association is proceeding with the two choirs and bands this season, meeting in person with some restrictions. Please click on the "Read more" links below of the group you are interested in to find out meeting times and locations.

Please note the following regarding COVID-19 precautions:

The COVID-19 virus is a highly contagious disease that can cause serious, prolonged illness and even death. The virus is transmitted primarily through airborne particles, with transmission more likely when people are in close proximity in indoor settings. Given that the majority of the participants in VWMA are in the more vulnerable, older age groups, and that the very nature of our activity (singing and playing wind instruments) is more likely to facilitate any disease transmission, the Board of VWMA has decided that all participants must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in our activities. Members will be asked for confirmation of compliance to this at the time of registration.

In addition, while vaccination provides excellent protection against serious illness, variants of COVID-19 have been known to infect fully vaccinated people. Because of this, each member will be required to sign a waiver indicating no current symptoms at the start of every session. We appreciate your understanding of these unfortunately necessary precautions. Masks are required for singers, and players of non-wind instruments, at rehearsals, and wind instruments need covers.


Anyone can join the main Choir, even if they do not read music or have experience singing in harmony. The Choir co-directors, Sue Chick Denton and Lee Ann Decoteau, conduct the choir with energy and enthusiasm and provide a fun experience for all.

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The Concert Band directed Janelle Toews.  Janelle has many years of experience with school and community Bands in Canmore and Banff.

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The Jazz Band plays jazz standards and pop and Latin hits under the co-direction of Mark DeJong and Carsten Rubeling. Mark and Carsten are highly respected professional jazz musicians based in Calgary. The Jazz Band puts on community dances, offers a Jazzy Christmas and takes part in the Bow Valley Blow Out.

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About Valley Winds Music

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Have you always wanted to play an instrument, sing or refresh forgotten music abilities, then the Valley Winds Music Association (VWMA) is a wonderful way to experience the joy of music and learning in our community

The VWMA has over 130 members and consists of three community musical groups – a concert band, choir and big band style jazz band. Located in the Canmore and Banff area of the Bow Valley in Alberta, Canada, the groups hold weekly rehearsals and periodic public performances throughout the fall, winter and spring.

In 2019 VWMA celebrated 25 years supporting music in the Bow Valley. After a year of missing making music together, we are really excited about the 2021 programs.

This year we are encouraging younger musicians to join us, so that they can, under the expert guidance of our musical directors, build on the musicianship they developed during their schooldays.

We welcome you to join us NOW for a fun, relaxed, and rewarding musical experience!


The Valley Winds Music Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the AFA

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