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Choir CHORDillera

Choir CHORDillera is a mixed choir. The name Choir CHORDillera was inspired by the geological history of Chordilleran glacial advances and retreats that created the Bow River valley we sing in today.

Anyone can join the Choir CHORDillera, even if they do not read music or have experience singing in harmony.  No auditions are necessary.



                                                                                                                                                Sue Chick Denton                                            Lee Ann DeCoteau

Sue and Lee Ann, the Choir CHORDillera co-directors, are highly experienced and make a dynamic duo. They conduct the choir with energy and enthusiasm and provide a fun experience for all. Sue and Lee Ann are well known on the local music scene and convey an infectious enthusiasm for music-making. They have been involved with Choir CHORDillera for many years and are passionate about bringing music to all members of the Bow Valley community.            

Choir CHORDillera rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 at St. Michael's Anglican Church in Canmore, from September to the end of April, with a break in December, and starting up again in January. The first rehearsal for fall 2022 is on September 6.

The Men of the Mountain Choir also provides the opportunity for an all-male singing experience. 

The highly popular all-male ensemble, Men of the Mountainshas a shorter season than the main choir. Men can choose to sing with just Men of the Mountains, or with the Choir CHORDillera as well.  No auditions are necessary.

Men of the Mountain rehearsals start on Wednesday, September 14, 10am-12pm at St. Michael's Anglican Church, Canmore, and will be held every second week through the fall and weekly in the new year.

New singers are welcome to attend the first three rehearsals before deciding to join.

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